Yep, that’s me, that’s most of us I suppose, at last some of the time.  I meant to send this email out yesterday, LOL.

It’s been quite a week for me.  I started my new roll as the wearer of multiple hats.  I am now the General Manager of our new company, Century 21 Professional Realty!  I am also the Property Manager, mentor, recruiter and, most importantly, real estate agent.  It’s been a frantic time, getting the old office closed and the new office open.

We are working in a construction zone at the moment.  Our entire physical office is being redone!  New bathrooms, new kitchen, new paint, new carpeting, new wall art and new furniture.  Not to mention a facelift to the exterior and new signage!  Anyone who has called me this week has had to compete with the sound of hammers, saws, and sanders.  But through it all we have managed to maintain our positive attitude and sense of humor.  It’s been fun, really, all sitting around the same table with laptops trying to figure out which printer is still wired and moving it all aside when lunch comes.  Even vendors have had to tolerate me eating my ‘lunch’ at 2 pm while going over their proposals.

We have gotten proposals for internet service, phone service, copiers and cleaning services.  We have moved licenses at the real estate commission, the association of realtors and the multiple listing service.  We have moved LISTINGS from the old office to the new office on the MLS and now we are moving the files from our old online system to the new one.  We have signed on all our old agents and a few new ones to boot!  And all the while we took good care of our clients, such good care, in fact, that I would bet none of you even knew all this was going on behind the scenes.

To me, that is the most important part.  When I was offered the position of Branch Manager, I accepted gladly, but with one provision.  I would NOT give up my role as your realtor.  You are all so important to me and I want to take care of you, personally.  And Dave, my new broker, agreed.  So as the other ‘hats’ grow, we will be hiring others, administrators, property managers, directors of recruiting, and mentors, and I will supervise them, but I will never, ever have to stop being your realtor.

I am so excited!  I love my new role, but I also love my old role too!  It’s like that old song we sang as Girl Scouts around the camp fire, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”  You are Golden to me!  I wanted to be sure all of you knew that, I am still and will always be …  your friend, your advisor and your realtor!  ❤